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What we do

Our approach to our business is defined by the fact we absolutely love what we do. We are extremely passionate about cars, classic and modern. We love creating, photographing, driving and of course sharing. Below are some of the core services we offer.

International Sales

Our primary business is the international brokerage and sales of automobiles. Like our unique venue, we do this is in our own special way. Our objective is to present the car in the best possible way to the market focussing on quality of sales rather than quantity. Although we are based in the beautiful south of France where we have an excellent reach to our clients and very special cars, we also are happy to work with cars further abroad which we are able to propose to our international and local clientele.


We aim to source and deal in cars which have particular interest to car enthusiasts. Whether it be a classic Cavallino or a 90s hot hatch, a historic rally car or some of the latest generation of supercars we will take pleasure in communicating its story and marketing it on our various platforms.

We also work with off-market sales dealing with exceptional cars brokered between clients in a discreet manner without marketing the vehicles publicly. We often have a list of vehicles available so should you have a particular car you are searching for or wish to sell discreetly, please get in touch.


Automotive Content Creators

Our fantastic location and access to special cars gives us the great opportunity to create fantastic content which is not just a great way to promote our vehicles but also something we really enjoy doing and we love share our experiences and stories with our clients and readers. You will find regular updated content in our 'Stories' section of our website and on our instagram page.

We are very proud to share our photography and videos with our followers. This is also a service we can provide for customers wishing to immortalise their passion for their car. Should you be interested to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other Sales

You will see that we also sell other automotive related products, these carefully chosen products are a selection of vintage auto memorabilia and various new products from our partners. Anything we might find alligned with our vision and relevant to our customers we may come across.


Creating experiences for our clients and local community to enjoy and use their motorcars is part of the service we provide with great pleasure. Benefitting from our local knowledge of the area, we organise both formal and informal events in order to bring our customers together in experiencing their cars on the fantastic drives the region has to offer. 


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