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Welcome, to the Garage du Panorama.

Created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, the GDP is the ultimate expression of our passion for vintage and modern collectible automobiles. We source and sell cars and want to share our passion and stories as we do it.

We have built a unique and intimate venue discretely located in the countryside of the Cote d’Azur dedicated to the appreciation of fine automobiles. We are strategically positioned between St Tropez and Monte Carlo, surrounded by the picturesque hills behind Cannes, in the idyllic village of Cabris.  


Completed in 2021, the Garage du Panorama was designed with the intended purpose to create a welcoming yet intimate environment where cars can be presented and appreciated in all their splendour.


We believe whether you are wishing to acquire or separate yourselves from a special car, the environment and manner where this is handled is either the beginning or the end of the journey and we believe the experience should be as rewarding as the ownership of the vehicle itself.

We have carefully chosen our location not only for stunning surroundings and strategic positioning, but also because we happen to have some of the continents finest driving roads at our doorstep, with some breathtaking panoramas.

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