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Welcome to the Garage du Panorama

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Jean-Louis Baldanza

December 2021

Welcome to the Garage du Panorama, a project born of a  passion for the automotive culture I have had the privilege to be a part of both personally and professionally.

My passion for cars started from a very young age, one of my first memories is of my father arriving in London with a Maserati Bora when I was three, a car that is still in the collection today. Since then I have had a childhood spent immersed in the classic car culture of the UK, which offers so much for enthusiasts to indulge themselves in this incredible environment, whatever the weather. I have also had the immense privilege of working in the automotive industry almost exclusively. I spent 10 years at McLaren Automotive, having been involved very much in the early years during both the conceptualisation of products and commercialisation of the brand. A career which brought me to my current home in the South of France in 2012 to manage the Southern European territories. From there, I went on to work within the retailer network managing dealerships locally for both Ferrari and Bentley in Cannes and Monaco. However, despite the fantastic opportunities, I found myself wanting to create something new that brought me closer to my passion of classic, youngtimer and future classic cars.

I believe a car can bring out emotions and experiences that help us relive our childhood dreams. Driving a 60’s Alfa Romeo through the roads of the Cote d’Azur back country while listening to classic music is the closest we can endeavour to having a form of time travel, something that immerses us into a different period, one of childhood or beyond.

A car of worth is something that can not only give us a driving experience or can recall a memory, but also one that gives us a ticket into a world of experiences with fellow enthusiasts. Regardless of the value of a car, it is the story behind the model or particular car which raises our interest, and allows us to share it with others. Whether you wish to enjoy your car alone, or participate in various rallies and concours events, or race it at the Monaco historical Grand Prix, it is not just a machine we purchase but also the experiences it will provide. All this knowing that more likely than not, the car will also give return as an investment.

I will add that there has been a shift in the automotive industry in recent years and there will be even more in the coming 10. This is something that has reignited my passion for older cars or in the case of newer cars, the exceptional and rare. I found myself no longer so excited by the latest releases of many manufacturers, something that has become predictable and all too frequent. There are of course exceptions.

With these thoughts in mind, for the past few years, my energy has been focussed on building a unique venue in order to present and sell cars of special interest for fellow enthusiastic clients. We have become accustomed to our cathedral showrooms in strategic locations where visibility and footfall are priorities. At the Garage du Panorama, environment, tranquillity and ambience were a priority while being easily accessible. Having some of the world’s greatest driving roads at our doorstep is not a bad thing when wishing to test drive a car either. 

Our objective is to market our cars by best presenting and communicating their particular story, reaching out to fellow enthusiastic clients who will appreciate our approach. We are here to sell cars, but volume is not our priority, focussing more on quality of the service we provide. We are also very passionate about creating content and sharing the stories of the cars which we will handle.



So, I thank you for taking the time to visit our site, should you see anything that may be of interest or would be interested in selling your car, please feel free to reach out to us.


Jean-Louis Baldanza

Founder, Garage du Panorama

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