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1988 Volkswagen Golf GTI 16S


  • Exterior: White 

  • Interior : Black and patterned fabric

  • Engine: 1.8 litre 4 cyl 16 valve

  • Transmission: Five-speed manual

  • Mileage: 158,500 km

  • Location: Cote d’Azur, France

  • Registration: French

  • LHD

Model History:

Volkswagen's update of the Giugiaro-penned original was an improvement over the 1974 original in many ways. It was roomier, easier to service, more rust resistant and generally faster.

The 1983 GTI  used a similar engine of the original but lacked flare because of the additional weight of the body. Oettinger, VW's unofficial tuner developed an early 16v head designed to improve performance on the mark 1. That demand in many ways led to the decision by  VW to develop  a 16v head of its own, more reliable albeit. The 16V (or 16S as known in France) arrived in 1986, which pushed power to 139 horsepower and dropped the 0-100 kmh time to under 8 seconds. It might not have been the fastest or even had the sharpest handling, but  it was the favourite hot hatch - for those who could afford it.

The GTI of this generation was fast, reliable and exceptionally fun to drive which is what makes it a cult classic today. Simply classiest and most complete hot hatch of its era.

PS rear34.jpg

This car:

This beautiful 2 owner, 3 door example is truly in incredible condition. The current owner purchased the car in the region in 2018 and it forms part of a very selective collection and used sparingly for occasional outings. It has had a very light restoration which is all that was required to bring it to it's current condition which would lead you to believe that we are selling this car in 1990!

The exterior body work is in extremely good condition and all original without ever being subject to accident or repaint. With exception of the front lip spoiler and rear tail lights, all is from the original vehicle. It is finished in a very elegant Alpine white with only some extremely minor stone chips visible. The wheels are also fully refurbished. 

PS fronty.jpg
p2 rear.jpg

The interior of this example is simply stunning, once you sit inside you feel as if you are taken back in time. The car feels and even smells just right. There are optional electric windows and air-conditioning fitted to this particular model, making it a little but more conceivable to use it as a daily driver, even today.

16s int1.jpg
16s int2.jpg

Mechanically, this car presents as if it has undergone a full restoration and drives incredibly well. The 16 valve engine revs freely and you would imagine there to be more than the 139 horsepower declared by todays standards. The ride and handling are also perfectly balanced, making this car a genuine rarity in this condition. 

16s engine.jpg
16s detail.jpg

This Golf GTI looks like it is only a few months old and drives like it has just been run in. If you are in the market for a mark 2 GTI, we strongly believe it will be hard to find a better example on the market today. Timeless elegance and great accessible performance at hand, there is something undeniably alluring to one of these great classics when presented in such well preserved condition.

The car is available to view in the South of France at the Garage du Panorama. Full documentation and detailed photographs can be provided on request.


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