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1962 Volvo 122S Amazon 

  • Engine: 1.8 litre, in-line 4 cylinder

  • Transmission: 4-speed manual

  • Mileage: 85,000 kms

  • Exterior: Orange / Black

  • Interior : n/a


  • Chassis: 13810

  • Engine No. -

  • Location: Cote d’Azur, France

  • Registration: French

  • LHD

Model History:

The Volvo Amazon was a mid-sized car manufactured and marketed by Volvo Cars from 1956 to 1970. When introduced, the name derives from the fierce female warriors of Greek mythology, the Amazons.


Under prototype designation 1200, following the PV444's internal designation as the 1100, the Amazon was released in the press in February 1956, with production initially set to begin in July of the same year, and deliveries commenced in August 1956 — under the now modified internal designation 120 series. Further iterations included the 121, the base model with a single carburetor 66 bhp (49 kW) engine, the 122S introduced in 1958 as a performance model equipped with a dual carburettor 85 bhp (63 kW) engine.


The Amazon shared the wheelbase, tall posture and high H-point seating of its predecessor, the PV444/544, and was offered in two-door sedan, four-door sedan, and five-door wagon body styles — all noted for their ponton styling.

The Amazon was originally manufactured at Volvo's Lundby plant in Gothenburg and subsequently at the company's Torslandaverken plant, which began operating in 1964.


This car:

Initially registered as a regular production car in December 1962, this wonderful Volvo 122S offered by the Garage du Panorama has been gradually transformed into a high-performance competition car that it is today having competed in numerous historic events since the 90’s.

Originally blue, the car was repainted in 2007 as a homage to the famous 122S driven by Lepron Dubuard driven at the 1971 edition of the Tour de France.


Well known in the world of historic competition in France since the 1990s, it has since taken part in numerous events with its last three owner drivers. Among these events, we can mention the Challenge Asavé, a few rounds of Saloon Car, several editions of the Remparts d'Angoulême and finally, more recently, some events of the French Mountain Championship in VHC. 

Its penultimate owner, a well-known figure in the paddocks and other closed parks of historic French competition. A full season of the Challenge Asavé will follow in 2012 before two participations in the Remparts of Angoulême (2012 and 2013) before several events of the Mountain Championship in 2020 (Mont-Dore, Turckheim, Bagnols-Sabran).


Continuously maintained and well serviced during its competitive life, this Volvo 122 S is in excellent overall condition.

A major update was carried out on the car at the beginning of 2022. On the program, a complete check of the braking system, a carburetor adjustment, a valve clearance check, an adjustment of the advance and finally, a rolling of reliability which turned out to be very satisfactory. It was purchased by the current owners in April 2022 and has had further improvements made including re-installing a heater system, fitting an new electronic ignition, an upgraded alternator, a new water pump and the installation of intercom headsets among other work.

amazon 10.jpg
amazon 4.jpg

This lovely race car has recently completed the Monte Carlo Historic Rallye 2023 at the hand of two gentlemen drivers (current owners), and has proved both competitive and reliable. the car completed all stages successfully and finished 163rd out of the 289 starters.

This car is ready to race and comes with its FIA passport, renewed in November 2020 and remains valid until December 31, 2030. Period F. FIA Class CT9.


This 122 S is eligible for the finest pre-1965 historical events. These include the Historic Monte-Carlo, the Historic Tour de Corse, the Tour Auto, the Historic French Circuits Championship (Saloon Car), the French Mountain Championship (VHC), the Snow & Ice, the Costa Brave Historic Rally.

amazon 9.jpg

This wonderful and ready to race 122S is ready to race and eligible for a number of events, for anyone interested in participating particularly in the Monte Carlo Historic rallye, this is a cost effective entry, with no further expenditure required Visible at our location in the South of France, this is a great entry level race car for a classic car enthusiast.


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