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1967 Ford Mustang Fastback                'P47 Thunderbolt'

  • Chassis: XXX

  • Engine No. XXX

  • Location: Cote d’Azur, France

  • Registration: French (in progress)

  • LHD


  • Engine: 7.0l V8 Big block

  • Transmission: 4 speed automatic

  • Mileage: 100 kms

  • Exterior: Aluminium 

  • Interior: Aluminium/aged tan leather

Model History:

Since its commercialisation in 1964, the first iteration of Ford's Mustang proved to be an enormous success. Great presence and looks, three body styles and price points that covered a wide spectrum were just some of the reasons for their popularity and the 1965-'66 Mustangs were a sign of even greater things to come.

The Mustang's first major update came in 1967 to coincide with newer models from competitors including the Camaro, Firebird and Cougar. From the outside, the 1967 Mustang shared many of the proportions with the previous model, whilst the overall look was more aggressive, with a larger and more pronounced grille, a forward- protruding hood, sharper creased side body lines and a distinctive concave tail lamp panel.

Beyond the new more muscular body, the addition of the big-block 390ci engine to an otherwise unchanged engine line-up brought the Mustang into the segment of the real muscle cars. Previous Mustangs weren't designed to house anything bigger than a 289ci but the 1967 redesign widened things up under the bonnet making room for the larger engines, the 390 in Mustang and the 428 in the GT 500.

The 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback became very popular after it was featured in the 1968 film Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen. In the film, McQueen drove a modified 1968 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback chasing a Dodge Charger through the streets of San Francisco. 

This car:

This fascinating custom Mustang is a testament to both the vision and dedication of the owner who has created something extremely unique and special. Built with skill and passion over a 6-year period, this car is like no other and features a unique handcrafted aluminium body. First impressions maybe that this is a film car from the next Fast and Furious film or something out of the Badlands driven by Madmax. The owner commissioned this build; inspired by aviation of a bygone era, particularly fighter/race planes of the late 30’s resulting in this one-off creation. The car is overall presence is impressive, raw and purposeful. 

lane 3.png

The base of this car is a regular 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback which was sourced privately from New York from the previous owner of some thirty years in original unrestored condition. The car was purchased in 2014 by the current owner who had it shipped to France to commence a full and custom rebuild. Completed in 2020, the car has been recently featured in the film: Titane, winner of the Palme d’Or at the 2021 Cannes film festival. The car has its duties paid in Europe and will be sold with a French Registration. 



The unibody shell of the donor car was restored and a new ’67 firewall and front steel chassis structure was installed which was modified to accommodate the new suspension. The floor under the body has also been significantly re-enforced to improve rigidity as well as the front structure. The floors and internal wheel passages have been created in aluminium which remain visible from the interior.

The suspension on the vehicle has been upgraded, the front suspension set up includes a ‘Mustang II’ front end supplied by HEIDTS featuring independent double wishbone suspension which reduces weight and improves ride and handling characteristics significantly. The rear leaf suspension set up has been replaced by a 4-link design also supplied by HEIDTS. New adjustable coilovers complete the suspension set up. 

Brakes have also been improved and feature a front Helix system with xx diameter discs and xx callipers. The SSBC rear system comprises of xxcm discs and callipers. The combination combined with the significant weight reduction ensure fantastic braking performance in this car. 


The engine chosen to go with this rebuild is the notorious 7.0L V8 Ford big block. The donor powertrain was sourced from a Ford Thunderbird in the USA. The block was restored and repainted, new internals OEM internals were installed combined with TrickFlow aluminium headers. The rocker covers are also fabricated in aluminium as well as a custom aluminium air filter casing which features a custom aluminium Stars and Stripes ornament.

The intake assembly and water pump are sourced from Edelbrock, the wiring harness is all new and there is an electric ignition and adjustable thermostat controlling the aluminium Tri flow radiator. The engine passes through a custom Eleanor exhaust system with dual side exits.



The car’s exterior is without a doubt one of the stand out features of this custom Fastback. The entire body has been painstakingly reskinned in aluminium, with some tasteful bodywork modifications including various vents and louvres enhancing its overall presence. The roof has been reinforced with an aluminium cross structure clearly visible from the interior and the wheel arches and bonnet are also completely in Aluminium. The rear boot lid features a purposeful rear lip inspired by cars used in period NASCAR series. 

Other details on the exterior include new glass all around, a Le Mans style fuel filler cap and Bullit style mirrors. Eleanor style 17-inch alloys complete the exterior giving the car a powerful stance.


The engine drives through the donor 4 speed automatic gearbox which has been fully reconditioned, driving the rear wheels via a new OEM shaft and differential. Rear drive shafts are also new.


True to the vision of creating something different, the body is left unpainted in its natural aluminium finish, with the racing stripes brushed over the body work. The man hours invested in creating this unique body are not to be underestimated, it is truly the work of passion and skill not easily found today. 


The interior of this unique creation is even more radical than the exterior. Easier to appreciate in the photographs than to describe in writing, the interior is bare minimalist as inspired by prewar racers combining bare aluminium with the occasional trim in tan ‘bombardier’ style leather.  The doors feature turned aluminium panels, and otherwise the punched aluminium theme is widespread throughout the entire cabin The dashboard remains relatively conventional, which has been signed by Chip Foose.  It has a new original Shelby steering wheel and a tilt adjustable steering column. Creature comforts are clearly not a priority.

int 2.png

There is seating for three people, the striking front Kirkey aluminium seat shells are almost left completely bare and a third small seat has been installed in the back giving the car a very unique layout.


This custom ’67 Mustang Fastback is like no other. The time and passion which has gone into this build is hard to quantify and the result is something that sets it apart from many other builds. Whether it is considered a rolling aluminium sculpture, a show car or a road car, you can be certain that a new owner will have a unique item that is likely to turn a lot of heads. 

The car is available and viewable in the South of France, near Cannes. Full photography coming soon. 


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