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quattro sunset fr.jpg

1982 Audi UR Quattro 85WR2

  • Engine: 2.1 litre 5 cyl inline

  • Transmission: Five-speed manual

  • Mileage: 82,000 kms

  • Exterior: Silver

  • Interior : Brown cloth patterned


  • Chassis: 900453

  • Engine No. -

  • Location: Cote d’Azur, France

  • Registration: French

  • LHD

Model History:

The original Quattro model is also commonly referred to as the Ur-Quattro - the "Ur-" (German for "original") is an augmentative prefix. The idea of such a car came from the Audi engineer Jörg Bensinger.

The Audi Quattro was the first rally car to take advantage of the then-recently changed rules that allowed the use of four-wheel drive in competition racing. It won consecutive competitions for the next two years. To commemorate the success of the original vehicle, all subsequent Audi production automobiles with this four-wheel-drive system were badged with the trademark quattro with a lower case "q" letter.

The Audi Quattro shared many parts and platform with the Coupé version of the Audi 80. The quattro was internally designated Typ 85, a production code it shared with the quattro versions of the Audi Coupé. Its characteristic flared wheelarches were styled by Martin Smith. The Audi Quattro also had independent front and rear suspension.

Audi introduced the original Quattro to European customers in late 1980, featuring Audi's quattro permanent four-wheel drive system, and the first to mate the front-engine, four-wheel-drive layout with a turbocharged engine.

The original engine was the 2,144 cc (2.1 L), longitudinally-mounted inline-5 cylinder 10 valve SOHC, with a turbocharger and intercooler. It generated 200 horsepower and torque of 285 Nm at 3,500 rpm, propelling the Quattro from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds, and on to a top speed of over 220 km/h.

The quattro was partially hand-built on a dedicated line. Production totaled 11,452 units from 1980 to 1991, and through this 11 year production there were no major changes in the visual design of the car.

Exterior styling received little modification during the Quattro's production run. Originally, the car had a flat front grille featuring four separate headlamp lenses, one for each of the low and high beam units. This was altered for the 1983 model year with combined units featuring a single lens housing twin reflectors. This was changed again, for the 1985 model year, in what has become known as the 'facelift model' and included such alterations as a new sloping front grille, headlights, and trim and badging changes.


The rear suspension was altered early on with geometry changes and removal of the rear anti-roll bar to reduce a tendency for lift-off oversteer. For the 1984 facelift, the wheel size went from 6x15-inch with 205/60-15 tyres to 8x15-inch wheels with 215/50-15 Pirelli Cinturato P5 tyres. At the same time the suspension was lowered by 20 mm with slightly stiffer springs for improved handling. For 1987, the Torsen centre differential was used for the first time, replacing the manual centre differential lock.


The last original Audi Quattro was produced on 17 May 1991, more than two years after the first models of the new Audi Coupé (8B) range (based on the 1986 Audi 80) had been introduced.

quattro hero 3.jpg

This car:

The Quattro we have on sale is one of the highly desirable original series 1 cars produced in 1982. First delivered and registered in Italy in April 1982 where it remained as the prize possession of the original owner until his passing at which point the car was acquired from the family by the current owner in 2017 in extremely well preserved condition. The new and current passionate owner brought the car to the South of France where he undertook a light restoration to bring the car to its exceptional condition we find it in today. The car is now under French registration and forms part of a small collection so is used lightly for occasional outings and pleasure.

Quattro fr.jpg
quattro sunsetr.jpg

The exterior of this first generation Quattro presents extraordinarily well, the paintwork is immaculately finished in a light grey metallic highly polished finish. The car maintains its original series 1 two piece headlamps although these have had an upgrade to give a more modern colder and more effective lighting which is easily reversible. The 15 inch alloy wheels are in perfect condition and are all wearing Michelin tyres.

quattro int2.jpg
quattro int 3.jpg

The condition of the interior is as expected for a car with such low mileage and well cared for provenance. The brown fabric seats show almost no signs of wear and feel just right. All dials and electronic equipment appear to be working as expected including the period radio which however upgraded but not the one supplied with the car originally.

quattro int2 dial.jpg
quattro det logo.jpg

Mechanically the car is extremely sound, and shows no signs of rust or need for work. Recent invoices show that the car has benefitted recently from a service and new injectors. The car has been reviewed completely mechanically and any issue no matter how minor has been reviewed. The engine bay is presented immaculately and all runs as expected. The car starts immediately on a quarter turn and is an absolute pleasure to drive.

Quattro x2 high.jpg

This wonderful and extremely collectible example of the cult classic UR Quattro is supplied with its original tool kit and double key set. To be used and appreciated, this has to be one of the best presented cars on the market today.  For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  



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